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My sweet little Prince.

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Only creeps write poems for their former stray cat…

My dearest Henry
With your soulful eyes
And mischievous personality.
Tell me the ways
You were failed?
The times before you were found.
The times when you
Would sleep in scary places no five month old cat should rest? Or the Times you needed to hunt and exert your tiny body for sustenance?
Now, tell me about the Times you’ve been happy? To know that you will never be failed again. To know your communal bowl will always be full. Now, Let me tell you how much you’re loved.

For anyone who is not familiar with my sweet Henry’s back story: he was kicked out of his home as a kitten Left to fend for himself. When he was found, he’d been plowed under two feet of snow, managed to pull himself from the bottom of said pile all the way to the top. He was unable to jump and only is recently able to use his hind legs.

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Dingus alert.

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Watch "Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbrok…" on YouTube

Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbrok…:

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  1. I'm actually more than my weight, believe it or not.
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Being an adult is super lame.

  1. <b> <b></b> </b> I really want to stay up all night listening to the Smith's and stone temple pilots.<p><p>
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Hey, Bart! Summer’s almost here. Which kind of sprinkler do you like? The one that goes like this? Or the one that goes like this? Oh, and there’s this one!

I have come to the realization that I am Milhouse.


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Watch "Judas Priest- Freewheel Burning with lyrics" on YouTube

Judas Priest- Freewheel Burning with lyrics:

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So, I’m in the car and I notice my skirt is rising from the wind. I can’t help but think. “Why can’t this be reality?”

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Sometimes I am just in a bad mood. I know that this is hard to believe, but yes. Sometimes I get mad for no reason.