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I was feeling really cute today in this outfit when some asshole harassed me from his car. What a brave guy.

Dress: Burlington Coat Factory

Tights: Target

Shoes: Crocs

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Why yes, Plus Size Brand, I would love to buy a shapeless white tshirt with some huge lettering and an animal print.
no plus size person ever (via femmadilemma)

Make sure there is a heart, a NYC skyline, or the Eiffel tower on it, too!

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Watch "Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers [OFFICIAL VIDEO]" on YouTube

Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers [OFFICIAL VIDEO]:

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"I wish I could live in the dream that I fly on the tarred and feathered wings.Well, I’m losing a game of reality dice where the dealer never ever pays"

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I can be real fucking cute when I want to.

Look at my sweet little baby!

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sgnl02kelly replied to your photo “My beard is a mess…”

Oh man. You should see MY beard!

This one?

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I really think we as a society need to discuss what the definition of important is.

Important: Everything going on between Israel and Palestine.

Not important: How your make up looks.

Example: My make up is cute and important. No it is not.
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OOTD with new glasses:
Hat: HUF-Guatemalan Volley
Frames: Ray-Ban RB7014
Shirt: The Quiet Life-Peacock Pocket Tee
Pants: None (Winnie the Pooh status)

Look at this nerd.